Black Orpheus - played by Bill McLean - LIVE (chromatic harmonica)

Black Orpheus - Played by Bill McLean (chromatic harmonica) - LIVE
This video is of a live performance by Bill McLean August 8. 2010 at Heidi's Jazz Club in Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA - along with Ron Teixeira (piano), Rabbit Simmons (bass) and Stan Soloko (drums).
The film Black Orpheus was grand prize winner at the 1959 Cannes Film Festival and won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1960. The film depicted an updated version of the Greek mythology love story about Eurydice and Orpheus with an all-Black cast (in Portuguese, "Orfeu Negro"). The updated legend was set against the colorful background of Carnival in Brazil. The film initiated a new style of samba music which incorporated jazz stylings -- later called the "bossa nova".

(Video by Veronica)

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