SISTAR19 - Gone Not Around Any Longer (Full Album)

If you wish to replay here are the lengths of each song in the video;
1. SISTAR19 (opening) ft. Brave Brothers 0:00-0:44
2. Gone Not Around Any Longer(있다 없으니까) 0:45-4:14
3. A Girl In Love 4:16-7:20
4. Ma Boy 7:20-10:38
5. Gone Not Around Any Longer (inst.) 10:40-14:10
SISTAR 19 "GONE NOT AROUND ANY LONGER" 1st Sub-Unit single album.
COPYRIGHT TO STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT , LOEN ENTERTAINMENT, BRAVE BROTHERS ,E T C. I do not own everything in this video, no copyright infringements needed. (C)(R)(P) 2013 star ship entertainment, , for entertainment & music purposes only.

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