[Mini Album] Ailee - A's Doll House [2nd Mini Album]

[EP] 에일리 -- A's Doll House [Mini Album Vol. 2]
Release Date: 2013.07.12
Genre: R&B, Dance Pop
Language: Korean

New-generation diva Ailee wowed fans last year with her phenomenal debut. Expect more of her soulful and charismatic power vocals in her second mini-album, which sees her collaborating with hit producer Shinsadong Tiger for the main track U & I. Take a look inside A's Doll House, and you'll find a colorful variety of musical styles including pop punk, R&B, ballad and more.

Track List:
01. U & I
02. No No No
03. Rainy Day
04. 이런 법이 어딨어
05. 열애설
06. I'll Be OK

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