Windows 7 突然自己的 desktop , 檔案全部消失 -- 如何解決

最近有個客戶, 某天開機後發現因為網絡問題連不上 domain (windows 的active directory), 個 Windows 7 之後的 desktop, 檔案全部消失, 而 outlook 內的 email 全部消失 !

其實此問題在網上亦有好多人提出, 個原因係 Windows 7 在某 D 情況下會將個 user profile 自動 backup 左, 之後 "送個" 全新 profile 比你 (等同一部新機), 你話好嬲定好笑呢 ??

好在仍有方法解決, 不過要改 registry, 所以一定要專業人士做, 方法如下:

1. In command prompt, Type regedit
2. Once the registry editor opens up, look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
3. In the left pane, find the one that starts with S-1-5..... and ends with .BAK; if you don't find one, skip to step 15
4. Right click it and click Rename, then change the .BAK to .BK
5. Right click the one with the same numbering but without the .BAK and add .BAK add the end
6. Right click the one that you renamed to .BK and clickRename, delete the .BK
7. Eventually, you have switched the .BAK from the end of the second entry to the first. Reboot and that should fix your problem.


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